Virunga Ecosystems Need Your Support


We’re hoping you’re enjoying our journey through Virunga this holiday season. This week we’ll be focusing on the fascinating landscapes of the Park.

Virunga could be described as a mosaic of diverse and extreme environments—snow-capped peaks, flowing rivers and Great Lakes, savanna grasslands, high montane forests and volcanic valleys are some of the Park’s unrivaled ecosystems and one of many reasons for its designation as a World Heritage Site.

It is so very crucial that these landscapes remain intact not only for Virunga’s endangered wildlife, like mountain gorillas and elephants, but also for the millions of people living in extreme poverty around the Park who depend on the preservation of these ecosystems for their own survival.

These beautiful ecosystems make Virunga National Park truly exceptional but they are under constant threat. Over 175 rangers have paid the ultimate price in protecting them and the communities they serve. By supporting Virunga this holiday season, you are helping to ensure that their work has not been in vain and that these vital ecosystems remain intact and healthy for generations to come.

The Park continues to face harrowing challenges and we need your help. We count on generous support from our network to keep the Park operating and these unique habitats safeguarded. Funds raised this holiday season will help support the Park’s key programmes, including sustainable ecosystem management, wildlife conservation and ranger training. All of these programs are dependent on the generosity of Virunga’s supporters around the world and we thank you for standing with us.

US donors can make a tax-exempt donation via For all other countries, donations can be made via this Virgin Money Giving fundraising page. If you are a UK taxpayer, you can also maximize your donation using Gift Aid (25p will be given to every £1 you give).

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