Luxury Eco Travel in Democratic Republic of Congo


The Democratic Republic of the Congo is located in equatorial West Africa. Dominated by the planet’s second-largest rain forest, which sprawls across hundreds of thousands of miles of the Congo River Basin, with glacial mountains and savannah elsewhere, the Democratic Republic of Congo is enormous and supports a staggering array of wildlife and cultures.

The jungles and the foothills of the volcanic peaks are famous for their primate population, including the endemic eastern lowland gorilla, as well as okapi, giraffe and elephant, and the forests also offer an abundance of bird life. It is a country filled with surprise.

Virunga National Park the African continent’s oldest and most biologically-diverse national park, and a UNESCO World Heritage site, Virunga’s vast expanses of grassland, swathes of forest, volcanic mountains and lakes make most other landscapes pale in comparison.

The dense forests of the south, punctuated by volcanic peaks including the dormant Mikeno volcano, are home to the gorilla population as well as other primates. Virunga is also the only park in the world to contain three taxa of Great Apes. Indeed, Virunga provides one of those rare opportunities to engage in travel and tourism that are of genuine benefit to the region – that, in fact, are essential to its survival.

A trip to Virunga affords the traveler the opportunity to witness some of the world’s most spectacular wildlife, in a stunning landscape seen by relatively few people. With some wonderful accommodations available, providing both luxurious bases and organized excursions, the time to visit this gem of a national park is now.

Sleep at Virunga National Park’s Mikeno Lodge, meaning there are no conventional hotels, camps, lodges, resorts or villas on offer. What a place Mikeno is, however: a luxury lodge with comfortable and stylish bungalows and excellent facilities including restaurant, bar and shared lounge. One couldn’t ask for a better base.

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